TV Cable


Nowadays, more and more people live or do their activities in multi tenant buildings, both residensial and commercial. This fact has created the need for communication network that address the unique characteristics of multi tenant unit (MTU) properties.

It has provided Indo@kses the solution to offer a business opportunity for our MTU partners to expand their business. Indo@kses serve information and telecommunication technology to multi-tenant-unit (MTU) owners. We bring the technology that help people to connect each other into the MTU (office tower, apartment, hospital, hotel, etc) and maintain the technology in order to make sure that the MTU and its customer gain the best of the technolgy.

Unlike the other provider, Indo@kses don't provide the service theirselves. We build partnership with many well-known information and technology providers around the country in serving the MTU. By doing the business that way, Indo@kses don't need to pay a lot of attention to every details of the information and telecommunication technology and be able to focus in keeping the service run well.

We believe that every best product must be followed by best service as well. While our partners present and focus on their outstanding products, we pay attention to their before-and-after sales services. We take care everything that comes with the implementation of information and communication technology in an MTU. We make sure that our clients get not only the best products for their buildings but also get superb service that ease them while they bring the technology into their buildings.

We devide our service target into 3 (three) major categories or unit. The first category is multi hospitality unit (MHU) such hotel. The second is multi commerce unit such trade center or office tower. The last category is multi dwelling unit such apartment or condominium. Each target will get different service and technology as seen below:


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